Elms Court Life Care

Hospital, Rest Home, Respite and Day Care. 125 Withells Road, Avonhead. Phone 03 3589697.

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Elms Court Life Care, in Avonhead, was acquired from the corporates in January 2019. Roz’s husband Steve actively manages the home, emphasising family, independence, spontaneity and flexibility.

All our rooms are large, modern, bright and welcoming. We encourage elders to bring their own personal items however we can provide anything they may not have or may require such as TVs, beds, drawers, specialist chairs, mobility devices etc.

We also have large living areas both inside and out, room to play the piano, build a jigsaw, nurture a vegetable garden or sit with family in friends in the sunny sheltered flower garden.

Elms Court Life Care is a small friendly home that offers, both rest home and hospital level care. We are provide day care and respite if required. We are a home and not a corporate facility. Come see why we are so different, please pop in for cup of tea anytime!